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Marijuana stocks have continued to show encouragement as the industry has risen in the past few years. With so much potential in such a short period of time, many have turned to the big names for pot stocks to watch. Despite this, it turns out that there are some relatively unknown businesses that may be outperforming others. 

Can These Pot Stocks Stand Up To The Hype?

Marijuana Stocks Growing Through Acquisition: Aurora Cannabis

Aurora Cannabis (ACB Stock Report) has had some serious opinions spoken about it recently. Michael Lavery, the lead analyst stated that ACB has quite a heavy valuation over similar pot stocks. He also stated that it looks like they may run into an oversupply issue over the next year or so. 

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Despite this, the company does look like they have a large amount of potential ahead of them. With a $6 billion valuation, it looks like projections are well on the way to being reached. This is compounded by their position at the top of the market. Investors should continue to view this as a pot stock to watch, but definitely make sure to do the proper research. 

Pot Stocks Growing Through Venture Deals: Cronos Group

Cronos Group (CRON Stock Report) is another one of the leading marijuana stocks in the industry. The company sits in the top five of cannabis companies in the whole of the market. With a $1.8 billion investment from tobacco producer Altria (NYSE:MO), the company has managed to move forward.

pot stocks to watch: Cronos (CRON) Altria (MO)

Other companies in the business have not been able to gain as broad of a reach as Cronos Group. Obviously this could help put them ahead of the curve considering what’s going to happen in October. 

Cannabis Stocks Focused On Cultivation: Charlotte’s Web Holdings

Charlottes Web Holdings (CWBHF Stock Report) is last but most certainly not least on this list. The company has managed to make its name in the world of CBD. CBD has been hailed as being one of the key products for sale in the market both in the health and wellness sector and in the medicinal side of the industry. 

marijuana stock to watch: Charlottes Web (CWBHF) (CWEB)

Charlotte’s Web Holdings has made it their goal to produce some of the highest quality products utilizing this compound. With their product in a large range of retail locations around the country, they remain a key pot stock to watch moving forward. 

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