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Despite the relatively poor current market conditions. Marijuana stocks have been widely supported by many other industries for many years. Because there are too many variables to treat with, it can sometimes be difficult to focus investors’ attention on a niche market. Therefore, they must conduct some research. Since there are too many pot stocks on the market, it seems that this choice may be more difficult than previously thought. A good starting point is to find products that investors may like or see their potential.

Competition in the cannabis industry is seen as a huge positive factor as it can accommodate more pot stocks and more investors than ever before. One thing to remember is that the inventory of pots fluctuates greatly. Investors should be aware of this before jumping into this wild market. Either way, it seems that the future of the industry is still bright.

Cannabis Science enters a transitional phase

A US company specializing in the development of cannabis-based drugs, Cannabis Science Co., Ltd. (CBIS Stock Report) announced that the company is entering a transitional phase due to the suspension of company stock trading. Cannabis Science will continue to implement its corporate development strategy and intends to address all outstanding regulatory reporting and filing requirements during the transition period.

Recently, regulators have stopped trading this pot stock. Although this is not a favorable situation, “we are already working directly with the authorities to protect the interests of our shareholders and stakeholders,” C.E.O. Raymond C. Dabney, president and co-founder of marijuana science, said.

In the past few years, cannabis science has invested heavily in drug development, education and economic development programs. CBIS has begun to see good results that can bring positive cash flow. The company will continue to move forward and report on these new revenues as well as new partnerships in an effort to generate more revenue on a global scale.

Curaleaf Shareholders Agree to Extended Lock-up

Marijuana stock to watch Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. (CURLF Stock Report), the leading vertically integrated cannabis operator in the United States, today announced that its core shareholders have reached a revised and extended lock-up agreement. Since the company’s reverse takeover transaction in October 2018, all shareholders holding more than 1% of the issued and outstanding shares must comply with the lock-in agreement.

CURLF stock

The core shareholders voluntarily agreed to extend the lock-up release schedule.This would limit the number of issued shares. Looking ahead, 15% of locked stocks will be unlocked on the last day of each subsequent calendar quarter, and the final 20% will be unlocked on March 31, 2021.

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Executive Chairman Boris Jordan said: “CURLF core shareholders have extended the lock-up agreement, which indicates their continued support for the company. We hope that the new lock-up schedule will reduce the current release of the lock-up stock. Despite the fact that the core shareholders have expressed their current intentions. Some of the lock-up has been lifted, but no stocks are sold, as I did on October 3 as announced, I have recently increased my shareholding.”

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