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There’s no doubt that the world of edibles has taken marijuana and pot stocks by storm. With so many big names coming into the pot stock market, it seems as though edibles are here to stay. Of course, the substance has been around for thousands of years in its edible from. Nowadays, we are seeing the industry shift, allowing for a massive amount of research to be conducted into new ways to use cannabis in its edible form.

Cannabis Drinks Take Over The Industry

One of the biggest shifts to the pot stock market has been the entrance of large beverage companies into the industry. These companies have put large investments into pot stocks with the hope of producing cannabis-infused edibles. So many different pot stocks to watch have made the cannabis-infused beverages their way to go, which has helped to make the industry flourish the past year or so. Right now, we are seeing a massive influx of capital coming from these companies, hoping that these drinks will be the next big way to consume cannabis.


The Colorado-based beverage distributing company, Coors, recently stated that they have begun to enter into the CBD-infused beverage market. They are doing this through a line of sparkling CBD-infused sodas and sparkling beverages. Right now, they are only available in the Denver market, but if all goes well, this could soon become a much broader market.

Jennifer DeGraff, the marketing director for the CDC stated that “we see a big demand for high-quality and unique products in the non-alcoholic space. While both brands are locally produced and focus on using high-quality ingredients to deliver superior tasting products that stand out above the competition, they each have relevant unique brand propositions to fulfill varying consumer demand.”

Pot Stocks Aim to Take These Beverages to the Next Level

Many pot stocks have made the current time, their direct entrance into the marijuana market. While delving into the production of the raw substance may be too much for them to wrap their heads around, it seems as though cannabis-infused beverages are just the right way to go. In addition, many of these companies have already reported huge increases in their CBD markets. With such a high production rate of CBD, these pot stocks to watch have decided to turn that into even more profit by using it to produce cannabis and CBD-infused beverages.

As we delve into the future, it seems as though we could soon see these beverages lining the shelves of our favorite liquor stores. With that in mind, there are of course some hurdles left untackled. These hurdles include legislation and acceptance from the broader public. All seems to be on the right track though for these pot stocks to watch taking their products to the next level. As we continue to traverse the near and not too distant future, it seems as though cannabis-infused beverages are continuing their reign into the next few years.

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