Pot stocks have completely transformed over the course fo the past few years. In that time, we have seen the public perception of the substance shift dramatically, allowing companies to reach their full potential. The shift in public perception has also led to a change in various legislative policies around the world. 

With so much changing so quickly, it can be difficult at times to keep up with which pot stocks to watch and which to not keep an eye on. Additionally, because the pot stock market is quite young, it is difficult to pick a consistent strategy to utilize for investing in pot stocks. Despite this, pot stocks seem like they are here to stay for the long term. With projections showing the industry moving into the triple-digit billions in the next ten years, hopes continue to remain sky-high. 

Trulieve Cannabis (TCNNF Stock Report) is considered to be one of the most popular pot stocks on the OTC Market. Does this company offers itself as an alternative pot stock to buy compared to some of the largest companies in the industry? One thing to note is that Trulieve Cannabis did see a large selloff in the past month or so. Much of this is due to overwhelming downtrend sentiment in the pot stock market in the last few weeks. 

trulieve-Pot Stock

This, however, is a part of the volatility that is characteristic of pot stocks as a whole. Trulieve Cannabis has maintained their business operating dispensaries out of Florida, in one of the largest medicinal cannabis markets in the nation. With over 30 stores in the state already, they have established their brand on quite a large scale. For this reason, they remain a pot stock to watch moving forward. 

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The Ultra-Premium Pot Stock 

Flowr Corp. (FLWPF Stock Report) is considered to be a niche pot stock when it comes to the industry. The company had quite a heavy decline in the past month or so, losing around 40% of their value. Despite this, some could view the company at current prices as a potential value buy. The main reason for this sizable downtrend comes from the completion of a $43.5 million Canadian dollar equity financing deal. While this did help to raise quite a bit of capital for the company, it was not looked highly upon by investors.

flowr-corp-POT STOCK


The majority of this capital, however, went into the acquisition of the company Holigen, which is an international producer of cannabis. The company should add around 500,000 kilograms to the former’s production capacity which is quite substantial. All in all, this acquisition helps to show what the future of Flowr Corp. could look like for the coming months and beyond. As they move deeper into the ultra-premium side of the cannabis market, Flowr Corp. remains a key alternative investment in the pot stock market. For now, investors should continue to view their price action before making a decision. 


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