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The cannabis industry has enticed many celebrities to begin investing in it. Celebrities like Mike Tyson and Snoop Dogg have also personally invested in the industry. Other investors have been looking heavily into the next pot stocks to buy due to the industries growth.  Now, another celebrity is getting in on the lucrative pot industry, Willie Nelson.

It was about this year’s early February that Willie launched his new CBD company. It is called “Willie’s Remedy” specializing in a product called Willie’s Remedy Whole Bean Coffee. With the increase in demand for the product, the marijuana company has decided to launch its individual help-based tinctures. An action plan to match the distribution with demand has been set. This plan also comes with new ways of including Hemp oil benefits into people’s daily routines.

What’s Different With This CBD Product

The tincture is a mixture of hemp flower specially grown in Colorado premises. The hemp flower undergoes further concentration in order to gain a full spectrum extract. The resulted extract is then soaked into organic fractioned coconut oil. Willie and others in his company are definitely on the right track with pursuing CBD products. This product is available both in the sizes of 10mg CBD and 25mg CBD per serving sizes. Major players like Aurora, a big-name pot stock, also has invested millions in CBD.

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Now when the consumption is in question, there is no rule of thumb on how to consume it. One may consume it directly or choose to add it to the other food items. This includes liquids as well as solid food items in the form of extras or toppings. It is recommended consuming a drop of this tincture at the start of the day. As this tincture is fat-soluble, it could easily combine with other oils. You can also use it in the form of dressing or adding it to your favorite flavored smoothie. The pot stock market is starting to shake up the way people live their day to day lives.

What the Future Holds For This Marijuana Company

Future plans of the cannabis company include launching vaporizable hemp oils and topical’s. The duo believes in the benefits that cannabis provides. When hemp production is not stifled, hemp will be a great support for small and independent farmers.

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The duo has been personally curating their line of products, making sure each product will impact lives positively. They have stated that they wish to offer quality American based hemp wellness options for people of all age groups. Because many pot companies talk about how much their product helps people, they may also begin pursuing this as well.

The tincture is now available on the official website of Willie’s Remedy with appropriate pricing varying in all ranges. If you enjoy this product, keep your eye on this cannabis company. They definitely have some big things planned for their consumer base. This includes new products and potentially new services utilizing different aspects of marijuana.

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