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PotStocks.com is home to the most influential voice within the cannabis space, none other than Jason Spatafora better known as “The Wolf of Weed Street.” Jason began as an amateur pot stock investor & commentator before there were barely a dozen publicly traded cannabis companies and before there was a single state with recreational marijuana legalized. Now, with over 200 marijuana stocks & some 6 years later he has become the go-to source for pot stock investors & a trusted source for journalists covering the cannabis industry. He has been featured in: The Street, MarketWatch, Investopedia, High Times, Forbes, Men’s Journal, Penthouse (fully clothed), Vice and many more top publications, actively covering the cannabis sector & pot stocks.

Every other day Jason Spatafora aka “The Wolf of Weed Street” hosts a live stream direct from PotStocks.com. This live stream is an uncut, unfiltered opinion-oriented view of current events within the cannabis industry with a focus on marijuana stocks. Leave your sensitivity at the door because “The Wolf” pulls no punches and tells it like it is!

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